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 Accounting support  (from 20000 RUB per month, depends on the number of transactions).
 - monthly payroll calculation, including tax calculation and calculation
of payments to off-budget funds
- preparing of payment orders in electronic banking system “Client-Bank”
- asset accounting (installation, calculation of amortization expenses)
 - preparing monthly trial balance
- preparation of expense reports
- accounting of supporting petty cash documents
- processing and control of acceptance certificates, invoices, goods received and goods delivered notes
- monthly recording of business operations in financial and tax accounting, including cash flow on the bank accounts, on the basis of bank supporting documents
Legal support
- consulting
- creation, reorganisation, liquidation of organisations (LLC, LTD, CJSC and etc.)
- accreditation of the representativ offices and branches
- receiving of the permition for the organizations to employ foreign employees
- support of real estate
- drawing up contract
- opening bank accounts
- interaction with tax authorities
- consultation on selection of registered address